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At Greenrebel, we have developed the recipes for our menu based on fresh and pure ingredients. We don’t need meat substitutes to make great dishes. Using as much seasonal and local produce as possible, we create fresh dishes every day that are tasty, nutritious, and healthy.

Our menu is a manifesto of good food, with internationally inspired flavours. The foundation of our cuisine is rooted in the Middle East, where we find beautiful and tasty flatbreads. These serve as the basis for the colourful wraps on the menu at Greenrebel. Wraps like the Brocco Loco – with Mexican influences – and the Indonesian inspired Ready to Rendang, bring together flavours from different cuisines into a unique dish. But also, our Dutch Dandy – a juicy burger that is even tastier than the traditional American hamburger – offers a recognisable international taste in a surprising form. The same goes for our salads. The generously packed French Riviera, for example, is instantly reminiscent of the original salad niçoise, but in a plant-based version.

In our kitchen, we strive to keep the number of processed foods as low as possible. We continue to develop those dishes for which we have not yet found good unprocessed substitutes. It is important to us to remain honest and transparent in this process. This is also reflected in our calorie count, which is listed behind each menu item. So, everyone knows exactly what they are consuming, both in terms of ingredients and calories.

Lika Bakery

Colourful flatbreads and burger buns from Lika Bakery
When Bangin Yussif came to the Netherlands from Syria in 2000, he wondered quickly: “Why do I have to travel all the way to Beirut to get some truly delicious bread?” He found the solution by opening a bakery for Lebanese flatbread himself, with the name Almalika – which means queen – a nod to the royal role of bread in every meal. Nowadays, the bakery is called Lika Bakery and they supply the most beautiful flatbread for the Dutch dining table, also at Greenrebel! Lika works with pure ingredients from local sources. All the grain comes from the Netherlands, from an Achterhoek-based miller called Gunnewick. This family business has been processing grain into flour and flour products since 1870 in the flourmill ‘De Vier Winden’.

Human Office

Circular interior by Human Office
The main value for Human Office is to make the world sustainably better and, above all, more beautiful. With passion and pleasure for our profession “second life office design”, Human Office creates an authentic, genuine, circular world. Human Office claims a clear place in the market to which they belong. The circular suppliers, clients and partners including us with Greenrebel, share the passion to fight ‘waste’ and make the world more beautiful in terms of furnishing. By connecting these circular networks, clients and suppliers, this party challenges the established order in business furnishing with an attractive, circular and sustainable alternative.

Lemonaid & ChariTea

Tasty and sustainable drinks from Lemonaid & ChariTea
Doing things right makes for the best flavours. The drinks of Lemonaid & ChariTea are proof of that. This is where they make soft drinks and iced tea as they are meant to be: tasty, flavourful and only made from the very best organic ingredients. The wonderful thing about this collaboration is that we are all working together towards a sustainable and tasty future. In this way, Lemonaid & ChariTea ensures that both consumer and producer get the best. As they say: “Changing the world, drop by drop – drinking helps.”

Community Cola

The socially responsible cola from Community Cola
A drink only tastes good if it brings something good too. Community Cola is trendy cola with social aspirations and we love that here at Greenrebel. This handsome drink is best enjoyed straight from the bottle, bold and all the more practical. Community Cola has both a classic and a sugar-free option. Both are made with the real cola nut extract and the classic cola contains Fairtrade sugar.

Roze Bunker

Naturally sweet syrups from The Pink Bunker
Greenrebel also thinks about tasty lemonades and soft drinks. Not just any drink for us, but a great tasting thirst-quencher, made from fresh fruit and delicious herbs that have been salvaged from the bin by the Fruitslagers of the Roze Bunker. Because just like the Fruitslager of the Roze Bunker, we at Greenrebel prefer not to throw anything away. Berries, herbs, elderflower, and citrus fruits are processed from ‘head to tail’ into the most delicious syrups. And that tastes good!

Social Impact Makers / Jailbird

Sweet delicacies from Social Impact Makers / Jailbird Bakery
By partnering with Jailbird Bakery – part of Social Impact Makers – Greenrebel not only wants to offer great and tasty products, but also wants to do something good for people who want to give their lives a new direction. Jailbird offers motivated (ex) prisoners opportunities by learning a real craft. In the prison’s bakery and in the shops, they get a fair chance at a successful return to society.


Crispy, handmade fries from FrietHoes
At Greenrebel, we make plant-based comfort food accessible to everyone, and that of course includes fries! Ours come from FrietHoes; the maker of the most delicious fresh fries prepared in the traditional way. No silly additives of coatings or gas filled packaging, just potato and sunflower oil. Delicious without any fuss.

Santas Koffie

You can taste authenticity with Santas Coffee
A comfort food restaurant is not complete without good coffee on the menu. The coffee at Greenrebel comes from Santas Koffie. They produce delicious coffee, traditionally made from the best beans that are grown sustainably, Fairtrade and 100% organic. Not only does Santas Koffie have a sustainable product, but it is also packaged in a sustainable way. We receive the coffee in a cool metal container that we send back to Santas after the last scoop so it can be reused.


Botanically brewed beer from Lowlander
When more of nature is taken than is given back, it gets out of balance. Fortunately, we in the Low Lands grew up with a healthy respect for nature. That is why beer brewer Lowlander is all about balance: just the right combination of botanicals – or herbs, spices and fruit – to brew uniquely refreshing drinks. At Greenrebel, we are pleased to work with Lowlander, from whom we serve the delicious 0.3% Cool Earth Lager with lemongrass. A hoppy lager with a subtle, spicy taste.


Fresh and local tap water from KRWTR+
Being good to the earth is a priority at Greenrebel. That is why we work together with KRNWTR+, who believes in a better world with every sip. The water of KRNWTR+ is not just any water, but water on tap from local origin; extra filtered, cooled and optionally enriched with bubbles. All without the by-products of unnecessary waste and long-distance transport. Why pack something that you can also tap locally?

Where good food and good people meet.

We vow to always make products that are great for you and your body, while having minimal environmental impact. All we need to achieve this is a ton of delicious vegetables and a mind-blowing set of meals that will make you forget that animal products still exist. The Greenrebel menu is a testament to our love for people and the earth. All plant-based, and yes, super-duper delicious!

Greenrebel is stepping up to the plate with a new meaning of fast food.

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